Wine Mind Retreat

Here's What's Included:

Dates: August 13th-15th, 2019.

One-on-one call with me to ensure that this retreat is EXACTLY what you're looking for to experience Napa Valley in a way you could have never thought possible.

Three day getaway to Napa Valley with exclusive, PRIVATE experiences meant specifically for the group.

Recommended accommodations for 3 nights in your choice of 3 luxurious, state of the art hotels located in the heart of Wine Country.

One private exclusive dinner experience with access to one celebrity wine sommelier as she teaches you what she's brilliantly known for in the wine industry.

Three intimate private wine tastings with special guest appearances of some of the most prolific brands represented out of the Napa Valley; including things such as barrel tastings, private tours of the winery and properties, and some of the most amazing catered foods and cuisines you could ever imagine. 

Access to 10 other like-minded people who LOVE wine but are also looking to expand and grow relationships amongst eachother within the group.

I will personally handle everything for YOU.  The Wine Mind Retreat price includes 2 Exclusive Dining Experiences and 3 Winery Experiences.

There's so much more but I'm not going to spoil all the fun because who doesn't LOVE a surprise or two!